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5 Key skin benefits of Bamboo the powerhouse ingredient behind B Like Bamboo

natural collagen booster


When we decided to create our own brand, we started to scout for outstanding ingredients in different cultures that would align with our vision: a brand that would be sustainable, affordable and deliver visible results while appealing to a broad base of customers.

We discovered the benefits of Bamboo extract through K-beauty, Korean brands that are among the hottest in the USA. After thorough research it became evident that Bamboo extract was what we were looking for. Yet, we decided to step it up a notch by infusing all our products with Bamboo extract but also Bamboo water, to make sure we would maximize the concentration of Bamboo throughout the line.

While we have already explained the sustainable benefits of Bamboo, I wanted here to emphasis on the amazing skin benefits of Bamboo extract and Bamboo water, let’s get technical!


  • Improve Skin Firmness:

Bamboo contains up to 70% of natural silica. Collagen _ which prevents skin from sagging_  is predominantly made up of silica. As we age, collagen gets damaged, so replenishing skin with natural silica helps build collagen and maintain skin firmness. 


  • A Powerful skin anti-inflammatory:

Bamboo extract has a great ability to heal and soothe skin. As a matter of fact, it is commonly used in Asia to calm an upset stomach when taken internally! So, Bamboo extract and Bamboo water is highly recommended for sensitive skin, but also as a complement to an aggressive acne treatment. When treating acne, too much exfoliation can lead to inflammatory acne which can be worst that the initial blemishes targeted! Which is why, Bamboo extract is the perfect pair with Activated Charcoal in our Charcoal Cleanser and Charcoal Mask to fight acne and normalize oily and combination skin!


  • Antibacterial Properties:

In an era where we all feel that sanitizing is part of the new normal, Bamboo tree contains anti-bacterial substances to protect itself from insects and fungus, these ingredients can be found in Bamboo extract which gives our products antibacterial and anti-fungus properties. You can enjoy these amazing benefits across our hand, body and cleansing products!


  • Great Free radical / environmental protection:

Think of your skin as a sliced apple that oxidizes (getting brown)! These are the damaging effects of free radicals, day in and day out! Packed with natural flavonoids, Bamboo extract and bamboo water act as powerful antioxidants to fight skin damaging free radicals generated from the environment, pollution, stress and many other factors!

Bamboo can help your skin stay healthy and young and help fight the effect of premature aging.


  • Advanced skin hydration and re-plumping:

Bamboo extract and Bamboo water contain Glycosaminoglycans, known as GAGs. They are very large molecules that exist naturally in the dermis of the skin and act as natural moisture agents that bind nearly 1000 times their weight in water. The most commonly known GAG is hyaluronic acid. Think about skin moisture from the inside out! As they are part of skin’s extracellular matrix GAGs also help re-plump skin and maintain its supple and firm structure.

All the above outstanding benefits, paired with the perfect natural botanical extracts featured in each B Like Bamboo product bring you the ideal solution for each of your specific needs, whether you need intense hydration, protection, soothing, repair, age prevention or firmness!

Now that you know it all, enjoy our wonderful product and share the Bamboo Love!