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Bonding over beauty….in times of uncertainty

bonding over beauty with kids

Navigating through this time of uncertainty requires calm, kindness, generosity and a little pinch of fun too.

At B like Bamboo, we are optimistic and we like to find the silver lining of any situation, even this crazy one.

Staying at home with the entire family, is actually providing new and more opportunities to bond with one another. The first we can think of, is of course to share beauty moments with our loved ones.

A college kid back from university? Take it as a blessing of this unprecedented lockdown. Mothers, Daughters, go back to the fun of sharing the mirror and swapping skincare tips. Your bi-weekly mask ritual becomes a rendezvous to let it go, make crazy faces (only for 5 minutes) and have a good laugh. It definitely helps to relief tension and anxiety we may feel at some point.

As well as demonstrating a sense of self-love, grooming is a great form of bonding with the youngest as well. Now is the right time to show your teens, boys and girls, how to take good care of their skin with a soft yet efficient daily cleanser. Can you hear the laugh coming from the kid’s bathroom? Now the siblings are spending quality time during their skincare routine, maybe guessing for who each of them is pampering 😉

So, no excuses. While we used to make the time, we all have the time now for such precious moments. In the long run, you’ll be surprised to realize you also created memories. We like to think that your little ones will remember this lockdown time like the downtime they got to spend with mommy and daddy. Like your 6 years old doing your nails for the third time in a week and moisturizing again and again those hands that we keep washing.

We’re confident that we’ll all find our way through this new normal. Just remember to bring a little of your own craziness and keep taking care of yourself, body and soul.

We’re all in this together and we’ve decided to make the most of it.

So be like Us, B like Bamboo and Bond over Beauty!