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The perfect plant for effective, sustainable, clean beauty

bamboo skin care products



While Bamboo might prefer a tropical climate, it can actually be grown anywhere in the world. It is the one of the fastest growing plants (1 inch every 40 minutes!) and it doesn't need farming land or fertilizer to thrive, making it the most sustainable plant on earth.

Bamboo is also a miracle worker for your skin!

Bamboo water and leaf extracts are rich in flavonoids and contain the highest natural source of silica.

  • Flavonoids are natural plant extracts known for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Silica is an organic compound that is essential to the body, yet our skin looses this vital nutrient as we age. Replenishing skin with silica helps to boost skin strength and collagen production.

B Like Bamboo products combine bamboo’s powerful extracts with other essential natural ingredients to help strengthen, soothe and rejuvenate skin while providing a healthy skin protection barrier that helps keep moisture in. Each formula helps protect and calm skin while improving its elasticity.

Ideal for women and men of all ages and skin types. B Like Bamboo products will leave your skin feeling more resilient, healthier, and baby-soft. Also safe for sensitive skin!