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Our Story

Driven by our true love for the outdoors and nature combined with our deep concern about the lack of sustainable personal care products, we decided to put our 25+ years of expertise in the beauty industry to work and bring a new line of skin and body care essentials to the market. After thorough research, we opted for a Bamboo-based range of clean and affordable yet effective product to appeal to the broadest array of consumers.

Sustainable packaging is a complex matter filled with preconceived ideas and misinformation. The experts behind B Like Bamboo are committed to continue to learn, ask questions and reassess the best possible path as much as necessary to try to limit the impact our products make on the environment. We have chosen to package our wonderful products in tubes made of 100% recyclable upcycled plastic and produce them under eco-friendly measures. Supported by an eco-conscious logistic chain to reduce our carbon footprint, we are avoiding the production of new plastic while preserving the quality and safety of our products.

While we were getting immersed in the world of bamboo, we realized that our family was approaching life like the plant Bamboo in the following ways:

  • Be flexible yet firmly rooted so you bend, but don’t break, 
  • Be always ready
  • Unleash the power to spring back
  • Commit to continuous growth.
  • Express usefulness through simplicity

B Like us! B Like Bamboo!

Care for your skin, Care for tomorrow.

Meet Veronique:

bamboo skincare products with owner.

"As a mother of two boys, I've always been impressed by my sons' awareness and willingness to take care of the environment. Both Aurelien & Maxime, are doing their utmost at their level for the planet, recycling and not wasting, we gathered our expertise and develop a brand that could make a difference. After years of research, my husband and I partnered with a top American lab and worked diligently to achieve B Like Bamboo. My goal is not to revolutionize the skincare industry, but to offer to the eco-conscious people, products that combine efficiency, affordability and sustainability", Veronique 


Meet Regis in his natural habitat…the outdoors!

b like bamboo skincare line of natural and clean beauty products with owner

"I have been a sales and marketing executive in the beauty industry since 1998 and worked with great entrepreneurs in France and in the USA, leading the growth of iconic brands. I have always had a very entrepreneurial mind that lead me to become instrumental to the success of some great beauty startups, but never took a shot at launching a brand of my own. So, when Veronique and I decided to work on B Like Bamboo, the dream came true. I hope you will dream as big as we do, enjoy our products and help us make our world a cleaner place, one product at a time!," Regis


A big thank you to Aurelien & Maxime who supported us up during this amazing journey. 

B like bamboo skincare and body care natural beauty products. vegan, sustainable, cruelty free